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AB Cryptobox 400HD info request.
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Autor:  slowdown [ 04.Listopad 2011 - 16:51 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  AB Cryptobox 400HD info request.

Good day,As you can see, this is my first post and yes, I'm new to the forum. Someone on another forum recommended AB Cryptobox 400HD box, but did not provide any info about it, my google search came back with results in other languages, which unfortunately I don't know. This forum seemed to me the right place to ask my questions, so here you go:- Naturally if there is a post that answer my questions just point me to it and I'll be grateful.- Of course I read the technical specs on the abcomeu website, so I'm familiar with that side, therefore my first question is what would the software patch make the box do?- Anyone knows if this box on sale in the UK and where? or a seller in Europe that delivers to UK?- I understand that the box connects to a server, would that server be supplied free of charge, i.e included with box price? or do buyer have to arrange their own or pay server?- is this a linux box? open linux box?- how easy it is to patch and use the box?- does it auto update software?Okay I think that's enough for now.

Autor:  marmik [ 04.Listopad 2011 - 18:50 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: AB Cryptobox 400HD info request.

Ask your questions here http://ab-forum.info/viewforum.php?f=169 or try google translate on threads in slovak or czech language

Autor:  slowdown [ 08.Listopad 2011 - 17:50 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: AB Cryptobox 400HD info request.

Thank you marmik. :)

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