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 Předmět příspěvku: RCC - Reelbox Control Center
PříspěvekOdeslal: 22.Srpen 2009 - 22:41 
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Reelbox Control Center v 2.30

* RCC v2.30 (New)
* SVDRP v1.90 (New)
* LiveTV v1.30 (New)

New in RCC v2.30 ...

UTF-8 support

* The conversion from UTF-8 after Ansi is in the field recordings, settings and in the text editor is fully implemented, so that umlauts correctly view and write back again to UTF-8 to be translated.
* In the telnet client and FTP Commander will (still) no translation instead! The changes here are too complex and prone to error, especially since it was finished components with limited options for amending acts. Only when up-and download in FTP Commander is a translation of the filename instead, but not at local Copy / Move. I will later see whether further adjustments are possible.
* The text editor may have an additional switch specify whether as UTF-8 (default) should be saved or not. UTF-8 is activated, will always find a translation to UTF-8 instead. So it can also be converted to text.

In Configuration / Experts in the field can "reelbox" below the paths the UTF-8 support can be activated or deactivated. Is actively Autoconfig is recognized AVG from firmware version 8.10 is automatically activated UTF-8. Otherwise, the setting manually be made.

Version Info
Also for the AVG is now a version Info Connect in accordance with protocol.

Local copy and move

These functions are now "nice-n 19 ..." Telnet in the running. This gives this operation a lower priority and charged the processor and thus other VDR features less.

New in SVDRP v1.90 ...

UTF-8 support
For station names, EPG and timer was the UTF-8 support fully implemented. Please note that this is UTF-8 flag from the rcc.ini used. So before the first execution of SVDRP once RCC start and ensure correct configuration. It is also clear that RCC / SVDRP not for AVG and Lite from the same directory should be called. Anyone who has both boxes, RCC should be two separate directories for!

Also for the AVG is the screenshot function is now integrated into the firmware and also in SVDRP module. It is (as with the Lite) initially only the OSD created. Sometimes the picture is apparently only partially downloaded. In this case, another click on the button "screenshot OSD."

LiveTV new in v1.30 ...

UTF-8 support
For the station name and EPG was the UTF-8 support fully implemented. Since only reads take place and a translation of UTF-8 after Ansi non-UTF-8-boxing no change caused the Boxtyp this plays no role.

Adapting to new VLC version

The current VLC version 0.9.4 has many changes that have not yet fully in the ActiveX module are implemented:

* There are DLL's needed, with the installed ActiveX module linked, but are not registered. To Otto normal users do not register with the manual burden, are the required DLL's part of the RCC package. It is sufficient if RCC in this folder are placed. Thus, I can only recommend VLC version 0.9.4 to use. It is not sure whether LiveTV 1:20 VLC with older versions.
* VLC plays all files and streams always have an internal playlist from. In the ActiveX module to work but many functions to control the playlist with the new version no longer. Therefore let many functions in LiveTV only realized through various hacks and do not always function properly. It may e.g. happen that Senderumschaltungen not work properly or the return from Filemodus fails. Malfunctions related to VLC go back and it remains to improved updates to hope.

With the new VLC is HDTV playback or streaming Although theoretically possible, but at least for me, it is often still quite hakelig and I do not know whether it is on VLC or reelbox lies. As loud Netmeter for HDTV streaming of the network traffic barely 2 Mbit / s and beyond my gigabit network is hardly burdened, it can at least not from a lack of bandwidth is.

Focus of this update include support for UTF-8 and LiveTV in adapting to the new VLC. I hope for the former, that all relevant text features are found and taken into account. If not, I must stop following the receipt of corrections later. Particularly complicated was the LiveTV. The problems with the new VLC are still solid, but I assume that the majority rather with the remaining weaknesses can live than on new functionality to renounce.

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Nezabudnite! Dnes aspon jeden restart !

 Předmět příspěvku: Re: RCC - Reelbox Control Center
PříspěvekOdeslal: 30.Prosinec 2019 - 19:11 
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Mírně pokročilý

Registrován: 12.Leden 2011 - 19:19
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Přidavám verzi 2.40
Rozbalte v Raru a překopírujte do vytvořeného adresáře,kamkoliv na disku.
A nebo přepište již ve vytvořeném adresáři.
Spouštějte RCC.exe

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