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image VLG relax
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Autor:  revis [ 24.Listopad 2009 - 1:04 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  image VLG relax

toto je dost zaujimavy image. Pochadza z talianskej kuchyne , takze silna naviazanost na ich pakety a pozicie je v celku prirodzena. Ma to prilozeny aj pokec v pdf subore,ale skusim aj nieco v anglickom jazyku pastnut.
domovske forum je tu :arrow: http://www.teamntm.net/
The Team NTM is pleased to introduce you the WLG image born only and exclusively thanks to the passion for the sat hobby and open sources. The Image is based on public source XXXXXXX 1.0 
Besides the card info_ script and the streamts (downloading from the panel online) have been used by the team PLI (from open PLI public sources)

Thanks to all who have published their sources making them a very good base of study

The team NTM has developed the WLG image without emulators nor keys inside it and it doesn’t support any kind of backup or any its illegal use. It is not responsible in any case of the illegitimate use of the image by anybody else

thanks to all the Betatesters
reking71, onopkos, yu-gi-oh, meganpork, sirietto, seccoleo, filipponokia, cupidz, ^ZioGià^ e Pappa.

special thanks to (in strict alphabetical order)

Fox, Gianathem, matrix10 (for the authorization of the skin enigma1 use), Omicron, Pappa (WLG Picon), piefav e Racale.

Dreambox 7000 - Dreambox 500 - Dreambox 56x0
Ipbox 200 32Mb Ram - Ipbox 200 64Mb ram - Ipbox 250 - Ipbox 350 - Ipbox serie 4xx
Make sure not to mistake the Ipbox200 64Mb version with the Ipbox200 32Mb version.
You risk the blocking of the decoder recovering only with jtag

Further images for other types will be released in future

To connect:
login: root
password: wlgbyntm

Enigma cvs del 20.10.2009
Linux version 2.6.9
Web Interface: 6.0.4-Expert
Busybox 1.01


* Blue Button = NTM pannel
* Yellow Button = plugin liste
* Green button = Analogicol watch
* Addons Installation from online pannell
* Manual addons installation
* Personal server online
* Inadyn frontend graphic
* Password Manager
* Graphic cron frontend daemond
* Move Var folder
* Auto switching off
* Door management frontend graphic
* Dropbear ssh server frontend graphic
* Openvpn frontend graphic
* Nfsserver frontend graphic
* Script users management
* Picon management
* Film folder manager
* Info Ram
* Info net
* Info card
* Time synchronization from internet

Návod na stiahnutie addonov :arrow: viewtopic.php?f=18&p=170905#p170905

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