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Česko-Slovenské diskusní fórum nejen o satelitním příjmu televizních programů.
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Autor Zpráva
 Předmět příspěvku: The Gemini2 Project 5.0 DM500HD
PříspěvekOdeslal: 02.Květen 2010 - 1:53 
Avatar uživatele

Registrován: 27.Září 2008 - 8:06
Příspěvky: 214
satelitni prijimac: DUNE HD SKY 4K PLUS
Místo/Bydliště: Košice
Poděkováno: 8 krát
Gemini2 v5.0
Enigma from 29.04.2010

An overview over most functions can be found here

Function Buttons:
* BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)
* BLUE long - Picture in Picture (DM7025)
* 2x BLUE - BP -> Gemini Extras
* BLUE RED - File-Manager
* RED - Recording (not for DM8000)
* GREEN - Quickbutton / Subservices
* YELLOW - Timeshift (not for DM8000)

* Addon and Plugin Server
* Cryptinfos of the channel or Cam, Stick Cam to certain channels
* Function for managing many daemons / server (BP -> Services/Daemons)
* optical enhancements like HD-skin, additional icons or modification of the channel list
* Manager for format, setup or mount devices (BP -> Device-manager)
* Additional EPG-functionality like Autosave, Refresh or different EPG-format view
* Particular addons like Dreamnetcast, Jukebox, Calendar, eMail or eTorrent, just to name some of them
* Quickbutton, to define functionality of the Green button via menun
* Detailled information about your Dreambox (Menu -> Information)
* File-Manager, which can handle different format-types, regardless whether it is a picture-, audio-, videoformat, playlists, torrent, scripts or DVD-files (BP -> File-Manager)
* complete handling of hard disks, DVD-drives, USB-Sticks changed to udev (system handels those devices by itself)

Information about many other functions can be found at the IhaD-Board or our Wiki.

* Adaptions for 500HD
* Change to OE1.6, new kernel version
* FTP-Mounts - Mounts FTP-Servers as directories into the system (BP->Extras->FTP-Mount)
* new widget, animations (GIFs) in the skin
* ext2 or ext3 selectable if initialize
* The expert line in the infobar can be configured now
* Standby for USB-Harddisks (Attention: Doesn't work with all conrtolers)
* Device-Manager partially very strong revised

Fixes + Updates:
* Email-Checker fixed, can handle Googlemail accounts again, and no Enigma2 crash if no SSL-Connection can be done.
* The Stream-Traffic-Info should work better now on HD-Channels
* Selectable quickbuttonfunctions extended
* Weather
* see CVS

Attention on some harddisks the new kernel may cause problems.

* On the DM8000 from the beta-series, a security chip update will maybe make a second boot necessary.

This image doesn't contain any k*ys or softcams!
Backups or other modified images are not released by us
and won't be supported in any way!!!

Download via Database

Thank you and have fun
Your Gemini-Team

http://ptown-networks.ath.cx/ulc/docman ... nload.html


 Předmět příspěvku: Re: The Gemini2 Project 5.0 DM500HD
PříspěvekOdeslal: 06.Červen 2010 - 22:25 
Avatar uživatele

Registrován: 08.Únor 2010 - 10:49
Příspěvky: 215
newnigma2-snapshot-dm500hd-20100606080038 OE1.6

link na priame stiahnutie http://www.upnito.sk/subor/b39a46c802702a841b5572f477320044.html


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